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Personal Training / Functional Fitness Classes

Our Personal Training and Functional Fitness classes get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest amount of time possible using only the most effective and efficient methods available .
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MMA / Self-Defense Private Sessions / Classes

We offer private sessions and classes in MMA and Self-Defense! Our Mixed Martial Arts private sessions and classes introduce beginners to and guide advanced practitioners through proven and effective techniques in sport and combat. Our Self-Defense private sessions and classes teach proven and effective techniques to defend yourself in any situation.
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Yoga Private Sessions / Classes

We offer private yoga sessions and classes in many styles! Our Vinyasa Power Yoga builds flexibility, strength endurance, balance, awareness, and focus through a vigorous series of postures linking movement to breath. Our Hatha Flow Yoga invigorates, rejuvenates, and relaxes while emphasizing postural alignment.
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GOAT YOGA / Events

Register for Goat Yoga classes and other workshops and events.
GOAT YOGA / Events

Personal Training In-Studio, In-Home, Online, Virtual

In-studio personal training. in-home personal training. Virtual personal training. Online personal training. Personal Training / Classes

Latest Blog Posts

  • Why Goat Yoga?

    When I first tell people about our Goat Yoga classes, most either think it’s “interesting” or “hilarious”. And I agree, it is kind of both.  But yoga has gotten some backlash for all of its trendy new takes on the practice, from BeerYoga to Hot Yoga to yes, Goat Yoga. Yoga, like everything else, has its […]

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  • Water and Rock Studio Opens Studio in Burlington, VT!

    Water and Rock Studio Opens Studio in Burlington, VT! Japheth and I are really excited to announce the grand opening of our third Water and Rock Studio location, this time in Burlington, Vermont! After four and a half years of growing our studios in Chestnut Hill, PA, and Glenside, PA, we are expanding our business to bring […]

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  • Homemade Instant Pot Bone Broth (aka Liquid Gold)

    Homemade bone broth has tremendous health benefits. It literally heals the lining of your gut. It aids in nutrient digestion, helps your body fight infection, and even contains glucosamine, which reduces inflammation and joint pain. Additionally it contains calcium and magnesium to help bones repair. What about store bought broth? Well, the stuff in stores […]

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  • Easy Instant Pot Stew (paleo, gluten-free)

    Fall is just around the corner and it’s getting to be that time again…you know, the time to cozy up with a warm bowl of stew! Mmmmmmmm. I love stews. Don’t you? They are so so easy to make, first of all. I mean, the hardest part is chopping veggies, and really that’s meditative to […]

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  • 30 MORE Healthy Snack Ideas (paleo, dairy-free, refined sugar-free)

    Our clients are always asking for snack ideas. It’s very daunting, this world of clean-eating, when you’re not really sure what you can eat and you miss all of your old favorites. We are a snacking society. Everywhere you go people are pulling out boxes and bags of processed and artificially colored “food”. Kids are […]

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  • Sunny Banana Bread (paleo, grain-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free)

    We finally broke down and turned on the air conditioning. We lasted until the end of June, which is pretty good for living in Philadelphia where the humidity will suck the energy from you, reducing you to a pile of deflated sticky and sweaty mess. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway, I missed […]

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  • 6 Tips For Staying On Track Even On Vacation

    Summer’s here, and so are many, many temptations. What is it about the summer sunshine that makes us just want to eat…well, bad? There’s the fried foods, the barbecues, and of course the ice cream…and then there’s vacation. For a long time vacation to me meant a vacation from everything – including all sense of rationale […]

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  • Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (paleo, dairy-free, sugar-free)

    No summer would be complete without homemade ice cream. Whether it’s your favorite local ice cream shop, that special place you visit at the beach each year, or from your own kitchen, having a scoop – or two – of homemade ice cream just makes a hot summer day. While we enjoy letting the kids […]

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