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Our Functional Fitness class gets you in the best shape of your life in the shortest amount of time possible using only the most effective and efficient methods available . Read More

Mixed Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Our Mixed Martial Arts class introduces beginners to and guides advanced practitioners through proven and effective techniques in sport and combat. Our Self-Defense class teaches proven and effective techniques to defend yourself in any situation.

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Our Vinyasa Power Yoga class builds flexibility, strength endurance, balance, awareness, and focus through a vigorous series of postures linking movement to breath. Our Hatha Flow Yoga class invigorates, rejuvenates, and relaxes while emphasizing postural alignment.

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  • Sleep and Your Metabolism (Plus 9 Tips for Better Sleep)

      Sleep and Your Metabolism (Plus 9 Tips for Better Sleep) The idea for this post, like so many others, was born from one of the most common challenges that our clients face: sleep. The ever-elusive sleep. Personally, I suffered from sleep challenges for years, and dismissed them as “normal” or “I’m just a light […]

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  • Yoga Sequence for Better Sleep

      Yoga Sequence for Better Sleep Do you sometimes have trouble falling asleep? Find it difficult to quiet the mind and calm the body following a busy, stress-filled day? You are not alone. Sleep challenges are extremely common among adults, and the majority of Americans get less sleep than they actually need for optimal health. […]

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  • Tips for Getting Rid of Belly Fat (and bonus workout!)

    Tips for Getting Rid of Belly Fat (and bonus workout!)Ugh, belly fat. Most of us have had issues with this at some point in our lives, right? That annoying and often unsightly blob that clings to your abdomin and basically says “I’m here to stay”. Some people have probably even made their belly talk. It’s […]

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  • Open Palm Striking for Self-Defense

      Open Palm Striking for Self-Defense – It Packs a Punch One very common misconception when it comes to self-defense striking – even at the highest levels of martial arts and real world scenarios – is that closed fist striking is the best and only way to be effective. When students first enter our mixed […]

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  • Your Inner Superhero

    Your Inner Superhero I was watching my kids play the other day, as I always do, with wonder and awe. They love playing superhero, and each day the superpowers seem to change. One day they can fly, another they run “faster than a cheetah”, or jump “super high”. My daughter was upset because she couldn’t […]

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  • Creamy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette w Chicken Avocado Salad

    Creamy Honey Mustard Vinaigrette with Chicken Avocado Salad (paleo, egg-free, nut-free) Today was a balmy 60 degree day in Philly. A little weird seeing as it’s January and expected to snow two days from now, but rather than worrying about global warming and the climate change crisis, I chose to embrace it today. The kids […]

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  • Surviving the Holidays with Fluidity and Strength

      Surviving the Holidays with Fluidity and Strength What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word “holidays”? For many, it’s  “stress”. Your mind conjures images of the many gifts that you need to buy; the cost of a trip to visit family, or the energy and planning involved in hosting […]

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  • Dates – A Super Snack

    Dates – A Super Snack Dates have quickly become a part of our daily diet not only because of how delicious they are, but their versatility also makes them an easy favorite in our house! It’s funny, I don’t remember eating dates much as a child or even as a grown up until I had […]

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