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Functional Fitness

Our Functional Fitness class gets you in the best shape of your life in the shortest amount of time possible using only the most effective and efficient methods available . Read More

Mixed Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Our Mixed Martial Arts class introduces beginners to and guides advanced practitioners through proven and effective techniques in sport and combat. Our Self-Defense class teaches proven and effective techniques to defend yourself in any situation.

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Our Vinyasa Power Yoga class builds flexibility, strength endurance, balance, awareness, and focus through a vigorous series of postures linking movement to breath. Our Hatha Flow Yoga class invigorates, rejuvenates, and relaxes while emphasizing postural alignment.

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  • Pumpkin Coconut Yogurt (paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free)

    Pumpkin Coconut Yogurt (paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free) I love all things pumpkin. Add spices and honey and it’s just a slice of fall heaven. To make this even better, I’ve combined my love of pumpkin with a lacto-fermented non-dairy and easy-as-pie yogurt! Intimidated by the thought of making your own yogurt? Don’t be – read on! [...]

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  • Slow Cooked Applesauce (paleo, gluten free, sugar free)

    Slow Cooked Applesauce  (paleo, gluten free, sugar free) I LOVE the flavors of fall. Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon…yum. Just the smell of apples cooking conjures up memories of mom’s apple nut cake, stewed apples, and of course apple cobbler (I am from the south afteral). I will be posting plenty of fall recipes featuring pumpkin, but [...]

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  • Taking Health to the Next Level with Fermented Foods

    Taking Health to the Next Level with Fermented Foods I’ve always wanted to make my own yogurt, because I LOVE yogurt and I don’t like paying $4 a serving for good quality yogurt that is often pasteurized and contains ingredients that I don’t recognize. But it wasn’t until I went dairy free that I decided [...]

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  • Coconut Milk Yogurt (2 recipe options!)

    Coconut Milk Yogurt (2 recipe options!) I love yogurt and am so excited to finally be making my own! This is not only delicious, but because it’s a fermented food, it can help improve your gut health and nervous and immune system functioning. Try this with honey, cinnamon, berries or my Paleo Granola! I’ve tried [...]

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  • Eating Healthy and Paleo on a Budget

    Eating Healthy and Paleo on a Budget It seems that many people find eating healthy, local, organic, and/paleo, is cost prohibitive. I hear all the time: “I’d love to eat like that, but it’s expensive!” and that’s true. It can be more expensive than a diet of processed foods or lower quality meats and produce.  [...]

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  • Stuff Paleo Toddlers Say

    Stuff Paleo Toddlers Say Quinn, our 2-year old, is constantly making us laugh, so I couldn’t resist sharing some of the things she says that you may not hear a lot of toddlers say! I’d love to hear some funny things that your kids say too! Stuff Paleo Toddlers Say “Is this organic? Is it [...]

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  • Everyday Naturopathy: 8 MORE Common Uses for Essential Oils

    Everyday Naturopathy: 8 MORE Common Uses for Essential Oils I’m discovering more and more about essential oils and their “magic.” The more I learn the more I am completely amazed by these oils and all that they can do. I’ve enjoyed their aromas for years – who hasn’t? - that sweet smell of lavender, the [...]

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  • Everyday Naturopathy: Protection from Bugs and Sun the Healthy and Natural Way

    Everyday Naturopathy: Protection from Bugs and Sun the Healthy and Natural Way Have you considered natural and homemade alternatives to bug repellent, relief for insect bites, even sunscreen and sunburn? Many of these products contain numerous chemicals and ingredients that are, frankly, unnecessary and unhealthy.  So why not make your own when it’s easy, quick, [...]

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